The Story

The Story

During the summer of 2015 our desires for serving internationally got stirred up once again, provoking us to contact Vineyard pastors that Mike knew from when he studied abroad in Birmingham. After a series of Skype calls and many prophetic words and signs of God opening this door, we travelled to the UK this spring and met with several Vineyard pastors; a trip during which we were invited to apply for the position of National HUB Coordinator through Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland.

After much prayer, consideration and seeking counsel from mentors, family and friends, we applied for the position and were officially offered the position in August.

Vineyard Churches UK&I exists to participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the work of local Vineyard churches that communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and practice. HUB is the Vineyard Churches UK &I leadership training program, which happens in thirteen locations, with over 350 students around the UK and Ireland.

Through our roles as National HUB Coordinators, we will assist the HUB Leadership Team in the development of HUB, which is the leading training tool for the Movement and the local church, and in the day-to-day running of HUB including training and monitoring new HUB leaders, developing strategy and systems for student progress, and working with a team to add new training material. For more information, visit

We will also have incredible opportunity for hands on ministry and leadership while we are based at the local Vineyard church in Birmingham. The second largest city in England with a population of 1.1 million people, Birmingham is extremely diverse and bustling. Mike is especially excited about living back in the city he studied abroad in, the city in which he walked around at night and prayed over, way back in 2006! Jess is especially excited about the opportunities to work with asylum seekers and refugees that have arrived within the last few years in the refugee crisis. The Birmingham Vineyard is a growing church of about 800 attenders, with the vision of building a church in one of Europe’s youngest cities where the overwhelming majority of people are not following Jesus.
For more information, visit


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