One More Glance


Well friends, I could have guessed it. We left the country, walked off a plane, and bam I dropped the ball on writing the blog.

The good news is, I have a plethora of topics to hit over the summer here, as it’s all a back log of amazing experiences, that haven’t been processed or talked about. Well let me just start by saying, sorry for not blogging. Are we good, are we ok? Ok, good. Lets move on.

It’s been almost three months since Jess and I departed our continent of birth.

It was an amazing flight which in and of itself was Jesus’ last little confirmation that we were on the right track, the right path He had set out for us to find and walk.

Saga Class! Since we were bringing like 85 suitcases with us, you know that whole moving across the Atlantic thing tends to bring with it some luggage needs. But in the process of crunching the numbers we realised we could fly Saga Class and bring a few extra suitcases for the same cost of economy and that same amount of suitcases. Yeah we thought it was weird too.

Anyway, it was comfortable, to say the least.

There we were, flying north over Minnesota, Minneapolis to Birmingham, watching the sun set. As we were loving the beautiful sight, we realised just below us, under that setting sun, was Duluth. We prayed for the city, told each other some stories that were coming to mind, and in a way allowed our Heavenly Father to take from us anything we still felt we were keeping our hearts tightly around from those years in the Zenith city. We cried, we laughed, we enjoyed the scene God set up for us.

We flew and watched movies and tried to sleep. I was at one point engrossed in an extra funny scene of Big Bang Theory, and Jess practically pushed me out of my seat in excitement. She pointed out her window, and to my amazement and joy, ribbons of green and purple filled the horizon.

The Northern Lights.

I cranked my neck across Jess and stole her window. Below us Hudson Bay… maybe, or we were in between Canada and Greenland, it didn’t matter.

Out our window and what seemed to be at eye level, particles from the sun dancing and spinning, nitrogen, oxygen, and other elements into excited states of light emitting transformation. As far as the eye could see a ban of green on the horizon, and leaping into the air, ribbons and waves of colour. In the end, a simple gift. As I pondered and loved the realisation of the science of it all, I was drawn to the awareness of the hand of my God. His beauty reflected in simple science, his creativity on display, his handiwork for us to enjoy. I was filled with gratitude. And I could sense the faintest whisper in the back of my mind, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Jess got annoyed at me leaning over her and eventually moved to my seat, I shut the screen off in front of me and I spent the next hour or more watching the show in the sky. It eventually faded to white, and slowly dissipated. And below us were the broken ice fjords of Greenland. Small patches of civilisation, surrounded by white desolation. I prayed for them, and admired the top of the world, or the bottom, who decides that anyway?

In the end, I just talked to Jesus about our journey. From Duluth to the Twin Cities, from Minnesota to the UK. What a ride!

That conversation with Jesus had some great life lessons: There is beauty in the waiting, beauty in the transition, when we have no control, when we are adrift on the slip streams of his grace, there is something forming in us. So much worry can be done in that space, but you’ll just miss the show. And forget that the journey will make it’s mark on you.

I then tried to sleep. I can never sleep on things that are moving. Maybe a few head bobbing moments here and there.

I would end up watching out the window, wondering what came next and the dawns light was pink at the horizon, the sky slowly faded blue to black all the way behind us.

The sun was rising over our new home. We did not know what the next chapter would entail, but we knew adventure was on top of that list.


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