After the attacks this week in London, my new home has been not just on my mind, but even more so on my heart. Though not frequent by any means, the British are no strangers to this type of heart ache. But as I listen and watch the people of the isles, I do not see a people who are terrorized or vengeful. In London there is no terror, a lonely and deprived man cannot shout louder than liberty.

In the moments and days following I have seen not broken hearts in my new people, but hearts of gold. An MP first on the scene trying to save a life, emergency workers applying their life saving skills on the very attacker who caused the carnage. I see vigils for the fallen, and solidarity with those who may mistakenly be caught up in the fear and gut reactions we are all allowed, to a certain extent. 

The wise words of the Bishop of Canterbury to the members of parliament were spot on. We all saw that day the values that run deep in the British society. Values that spur them to stand with the suffering, to seek justice, values of generosity and extraordinary duty. They are the very things that flowed from them that day and it is in those values that they showed their victory over wrong, over evil. During this Lenten season, they are a right reflection of a God who stands for the suffering, who’s love is justice, who shows perfect generosity and duty. We see this as we journey with Him to the cross and to Easter. And they reflected it well. (Bishops words paraphrased). 

I love when I see people come together and galvanize and become stronger during events that are designed to separate, it is the ultimate dismissal of such acts, I see the British saying, “The more you push, the stronger we become.” Something Churchill saw, “Little does he know the spirit of the British nation or the tough fiber of the Londoners.” 

I am proud to be called to these isles. To serve the people of such a character filled nation. Human they are, but still their reflection of Jesus I am excited to help empower for the glory of God and the well being of people. 

Jess and I found out two days ago that our visas have been approved and we will be moving to England in the next couple weeks. It’s been a long road, months in the works. We want to thank everyone on both sides of the pond for not only your support but all of your hospitality, prayers and well wishes. 
We now look to the next chapter, finally able to turn the page. Here we come, hope you’re ready! 

As we make our transition to Birmingham. I will be having some guest bloggers sporadically thrown in the mix. I had always hoped this blog would be a place we could talk about all the different paths to kingdom adventure. Well soon we will add a few more voices to the choir. 

Last I apologize for not writing a lot in the past few weeks. Hopefully with some guest bloggers, we can forge a consistency. I hope you are all well!


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