Uber Love

What a ride it’s been (pun intended).

I’ve been driving Uber for a week and already it’s been hilarious and enlightening. I’ve driven around little old blind ladies, 40 something middle classers, millenial workaholics, and everything in between. As of yet I’ve had no jerks, no pukers, and no flirts, also I’ve only really driven 9-7. So those ones don’t come out till the sun goes down I guess.

I was pretty nervous to give it a try, never know what’s going happen and if it’s worth the hassle. But as my uncle use to say, “You gotta eat!” 

Something interesting happened in the midst of driving whether it was old people going to hockey games, hipsters going to dinky town or trips from Richfield to North Minneapolis I am ashamed to say I was surprised at how people… are just people. Some want to talk and some want to just close their eyes for a minute and have a bit of peace. Some are out for a fun old time and others just trying to hold down their third job. 

People would get into my car and whether they seemed distant or present a good handshake, a smile, a look in to their eyes with a hearty, “Hello, my name is Mike, how are you doing today?” Always brightened them up. 

Internally I would always pray for them, asking Jesus to even just allow our eye contact and a smile to some how remind them of their eternal worth, their sacred worth. On the way to pick people up I would invite God’s presence into the car, just asking that when people got in they would feel at least peace, comfort and safety. Then on top of that, maybe they would experience love, joy, laughter and courage. 

Sometimes I would get to see it happen, sometimes I wouldn’t. But every time I could sense God smiling over the invitation. 

I’ve heard it said and I love it, “What if when Jesus said the greatest commandment was “Love your neighbor” what if he meant it?” 

What if in every car ride, in every neighborhood, job, classroom or bathroom for crying out loud we showed the loving presence of Jesus? When you look someone in the eye, do you ask Jesus to allow the other to experience Him through you? Why not? 

So often I need to just get out of my own way. People all over the globe are just trying to figure out what life is about. We are all scrambling to adhere meaning to the little things we do, trying to fabricate our worth. 

In the end it’s simple, learn to love the one who made you, and learn to love the others he’s made just like you.

And our example is simple to see, love is not the emotion (though that is there sometimes) it’s the eternal type of love, it’s the get on your knees and wash other people’s feet type of love, it’s the be silent when others are trying to kill you type of love, it does not fear or spread fear, it is the love of choosing to lay down your life for others, not once, but all the time, forever. 

We are looking for so many answers, trying to fix people and people groups, trying to make the world in our image. But friends, there is but one example, a society built on sacrificial love, not using our power for ourselves but for those who have none, even disadvantaging our selves in order to empower others. 

That is Jesus. That’s Uber Love. 


How to support us


– vision for our new positions in the U.K.

– temporary part time work in the cities

– great connection with family before we go


– visit our gofundme site here 


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